Tobique First Nation, NB

Tobique First Nation, NB, is located on the north side of the Tobique River. It is the largest of the province’s six Wolastoqiyik (Malisset) Nation reserves. The community has a population of about 2500 people. The community has access to a wide range of services including social and health services, education, fire/police services and high speed internet.

Tobique, New Brunswick
Tobique: Community Background This video provides a brief introduction to the Tobique First Nation community.
Tobique: Talking Circle Opening Protocol This video offers an example of a talking circle protocol.
Tobique: Gender & Community Resilience This video highlights the importance of women to community resilience.
Tobique Low Resilience: Residential School Legacy This video focuses on the negative impact of the residential school legacy on community resilience.
Tobique Low Resilience: Land Use Policies This video focuses on the negative impact of land use policies on community resilience.
Tobique: High Disaster Resilience This video provides good examples of the type of activities and facilities that contribute to disaster resilience.
Tobique High Resilience: TK and Innovation This video provides an example of combining Traditional Knowledge and Western approaches through the development of the Wampum CISM program.
Tobique: Disaster Resilience and TK This video highlights the role of the fire keeper in a culturally appropriate emergency response and offers a teaching about how to think about disasters.
Tobique: Disaster Resilience This video is an example of how local institutions and community networks support disaster resilience.
Tobique Disaster Resilience: Preparedness/Planning This video provides an example of community preparedness planning in advance of a road closure.