Activity 2: Evaluating Progress

After implementation has begun, it is important to check progress to see how you are doing.  This should evaluate the progress on activities, time frames, budget, and the impact of your resilience strategies.  Evaluation should also include considering who might be negatively affected and whether anyone has dropped out and, if so, why.

Regular review of the progress being made is an important part of a community-managed implementation process.  The working team might organize regular meetings with stakeholders to review the progress.  It is a good idea to have a progress report at least every 3 months. The progress report should:

  • record any accomplishments to date
  • recognize every individual or organization that contributed
  • highlight the success stories
  • describe any difficulties
  • outline the activities that will take place over the next three months

This report could be made available to all community members, to keep them up to date with progress, and to keep the idea of resilience alive.