Step 4: Plan Implementation

Step 4: Plan Implementation – how to develop an Action Plan to help your community increase its overall resiliency and adopt strategies to help the community survive a disaster.

Now it is time to put the plan into action.  This involves implementing the plan’s strategies, checking progress on a regular basis, and setting up a planning cycle for plan revisions and updates.

Activity 1 – Implementing the Disaster Resilience PlanADRP_step4

Test. In this activity implementation your community’s plan will begin trough work on the actions or strategies you identified to increase disaster resilience

Activity 2 – Evaluating Progress

It is important to continually evaluate progress on a community-managed implementation process.   In this activity, you should evaluate the progress on activities, time frames, budget, and the impact of your resilience strategies.

Activity 3 – Continue Planning

Remember that resilience is process. There is no end state. Resilience evolves as your community evolves and changes over time.  This process of re-evaluating starts the planning cycle again.  This activity involves making changes to your plan that are based on your community’s progress.