Activity 2: Developing Goals

Goals are statements of what you want to accomplish.  Your goal or goals will be based on the results of the assessment of your community’s risk and resilience.

One way of establishing goals is to work backwards from the vision. If your vision of a resilient community looks towards the future in 10 years, what major milestones or goals would you need to achieve in five years? Two years? One year?

It is important that goals be concrete and specific enough so that progress towards them can be measured.  The more specific the goals are, the clearer they are to everyone, and the more measurable they are.  Goals should be worded in such a way that everyone can tell when they are reached.  They don’t have to include numbers, but should always include target dates for completion.

Your Hazards, Risk, Resilience and Strategies Report and Aboriginal Resilience and Strategies Report should help guide the development of your goals, as it is a snapshot of where you are today.  Your vision is a statement of where you want to be in the future. What are the gaps between the two?  Which of those gaps are the most important for your community to close?  Set goals that will help close them.