Activity 1: Setting a Vision

In terms of planning, a vision defines a future state you would like to reach.  A vision is a long-term view that describes how your community would like to be.  Features of an effective vision statement are:

  • vivid and clear picture
  • realistic
  • in tune with community values and culture

classCreating a vision of your community’s disaster resilience leads directly to considering the shorter term steps – the goals – that will help you reach your community’s vision.

There are various methods for creating your community’s resilience vision.  Your team may choose to write a short statement that describes your community as highly resilient.  You can also engage in a “visioning exercise” with others in the community to develop a broader, more wide-ranging vision.  An approach called “Appreciative Inquiry” gathers positive stories and images, seeking out the best of what exists today.

For information on creating a community disaster resilience vision, click on the resource link on the top right side of this page.