Activity 1: Developing a Risk Profile

To develop a risk profile you should work with the Hazard Risk Analysis (HRA) tool and identify which hazards pose the greatest threat for your community. From the results of this assessment you will be able to produce a Hazard Risk Profile that rates each hazard from “High Risk” to be a major threat, to those that just couldn’t happen at all in your community.

Click the button below to access the HRA tool.

Hazard Risk Analysis (HRA)
Some hazards will be obvious.  For example, a community surrounded by forest lands would probably select “forest fire”, while a coastal community might select “tsunami”.  However, the community may never have considered other risks, such as serious disease outbreaks either amongst humans or animals and how these might affect the community. For example, a serious and widespread disease outbreak (such as a pandemic flu) could have serious economic consequences because of the potential for preventing people from working and therefore disrupting workplaces, causing fear and stress, crippling critical services such hydro or food transportation. Other kinds of disasters in distant regions or centers could shut down major transportation and supply routes, or disrupt health care provision, or cause a mass exodus into rural areas. Considering not only risks within your community but risks that may have a local impact is, therefore, an important part of a risk analysis.

Be sure to look at the Provincial and Territorial Information Guides (listed under Resources) as each guide provides information on hazards and sources of information specific to your province or territory.

You may also want to identify which parts or zones of your community are most at risk for a specific hazard. For example, homes on a flood plain are more likely to be affected by flooding than those built further away or at a higher elevation. You may want to refer to your community map and when you have identified which areas are most at risk, and add that information into your map. The hazards the team select through this analysis that are recorded on their Risk Profile will be the ones they will focus on throughout the remainder of the planning process. For a more detailed analysis and to complete ratings by zones, download the Hazard Risk Profile Template (available on the ‘Resources’ page).