Step 1: Getting Started

Step 1: Getting Started – what steps to take in preparing for disaster resilience planning.

In order to get started, your community needs to determine who will work through the planning process, and what geographic area makes up the community for planning purposes.

Activity 1 – Set up a Community Planning Team

In this first activity, you will identify members for and set up the Community Planning Team. The team will be responsible for gathering the information necessary to assess the community’s disaster resilience, and who will draft a plan for enhancing resilience.

Activity 2 – Review the HRA, ARI and the HRI Tools

One of the first tasks for the planning team will be to review the risk and resilience assessment toolset for this guide: HRA, ARI and HRI.

Activity 3 – Define Community Borders and Map Community

Once you are familiar with the hazard categories and characteristics, your team will begin defining its boundaries through mapping exercises to get a clear picture of your community.

Activity 4 – Getting Community Buy-in

A key component of Step One is to start communication in order to gain support from your community and to engage the various stakeholders.